Chloe’s Birthday

Hi Everyone,

This purple and pink cake has been a vision my daughter and I have discussed for months. She explained she wanted a pink cake, with pink and purple icing. Chloe, my little baking helper, and I were very happy with how it turned out.
Later, Chet and Chloe became explorers with their backpacks and navigational birthday balloons traveling down the backyard. I love this picture of the two of them.

Fall Fur-lined Purse

What’s in style these days? There’s a whole lot of good stuff in the October 2010 People. I am highlighting a fur-lined purse. There are also coats and boots too. Here is corduroy, fur-lined purse, ipod case and checkbook cover I made that is perfect for fall!

Animal Prints by Mystic Fish

Hi Everyone,

I have been noticing that animal prints are coming back in fashion. It brought me back to my pottery days when I was obsessed with throwing pottery. I thought I would show some of my mini vases, lidded vessels and candy dishes. My logo, Mystic Fish was based on being a Picses and my maiden name’s initials “WM”. I still have my pottery wheel, but hasn’t been used in ages. I hope to one day get back into pottery.


Hi Everyone,

I thought I would show some poppies I have been thinking about that I did quite a while ago. I love the spontaneity of the line work with the bold, bright colors. I simply like the simplicity.

Pink Floral Dreams Girl Dresses

Hi Everyone, Here is another little girl’s group called Pink Floral Dreams. Chloe and I are big fans of pink! I hope you enjoy!