Snowblobs and Snowangels

If you can’t make a proper snowman due to fluffy, unpackable snow, make Snowblobs! After a bit of shoveling, making tracks in the snow, Chet and Chloe attempt their first snowangels for the winter. That’s the winter spirit!

Teacher Christmas Presents

Hi Everyone,
If you need to purchase a gift for your children’s teacher, here are some great, affordable gifts licensed to Brownlow. Happy Holidays!

Nativity Gnomes

Hi Everyone,
Here are some nativity sculptures I did for Transpac Imports. I was so happy with how my nativity gnomes turned out. If anyone has a set of these cute figurines and wants to sell them to me, please let me know. Every once in a while you don’t get samples of your manufactured creations. I’ll keep searching…maybe one day they’ll come back.

Fleece Jumper & Vest

Hello Everyone,

With winter and the holidays upon us, I thought I would show some fun projects I did with my mother-in-law last winter. The snowflake jumper fleece dress and vest were a matching set for my darling children, Chet and Chloe, great for a Christmas photo. I also did another wintry, mint fleece jumper with cute little snowman pockets. The scarves were done with a corduroy print I love. I hope this inspires you all to do your own fun little winter project.