Lift Your Spirit Night Owls

Tweetily-Doodle Everyone,
I finally found the time to make some Night Owl Pillows with my Lift Your Spirit collection. The kids were so excited to help stuff the pillows and name them. The blue owl is named Midnight Martin and the yellow is named Butterfly Boop. Then we ran around the yard taking silly pictures. I was happy with the eyes. I found felt buttons and layered two sizes for extra dimension. It was fun to pick the color combinations.

Garden Exploration

We find a reason for putting on our boots as we walk through the vegetable garden maze. If only it was muddier for Chloe and Chet; they like the sound of the squishy mud under their protected feet. I take a moment to photograph a beautiful daisy. A surprise moment occurs, a butterfly flutters by and lands on a Candium hybrid lilly. I get a chance to photograph this butterfly close up.

Lift Your Spirit Craft Pockets

Here is my latest project. I made a Lift Your Spirit Craft Pocket Wall-Hanging. The pockets are great for storing everything from markers, dvd’s, small paper pads, little toys, hats and more. If you flip the Wall Hanging over, it becomes an art backdrop for your children’s latest artwork. If anyone is interested in getting basic instructions, let me know.

Lift Your Spirit Fabric

If you are looking to create this quilt with my Lift Your Spirit Collection, here are some quilt shops that may be close to you or on-line stores that are carrying this line. This quilt was designed by Heidi Pridemore. Quilters out there, I would love to show off you and your designs.

Unplanned Pumpkin Surprise

Well, here it is an unplanned pumpkin planting. With all the storms and rain, we hadn’t gone in the back yard for a few days and then magically, there it was a four foot span of pumpkin leaves! I guess last year after Halloween, I put an old pumpkin in the garden and through the winter a little seed found it’s way into the soil and rooted itself. We have never had a pumpkin growing in our back yard. I am excited.