Wendy’s Lil Holiday Gift Bags

Hi Friends,
I am obsessed with making my little bags! An old stocking I made inspired me to rummage through my holiday stash of fabric. There I found many textures and sheens in deep greens, organza with gold filigrees, red satin with embroidered butterflies and more. I added fabric flowers to this little elegant line of bags to give the group dimension. How did I make these flowers you ask? I followed the pdf instructions in a July 8th blog entry at Timeless Treasures blog. I thought I might enjoy having a bouquet of flowers to use in my little bag photoshoot, but they ended up being their own beautiful images on their own.

Spoonflower Baby Book Top Ten Winner

Hi Folks,
I am happy to say I am one of the top ten winners in the cloth baby book contest at Spoonflower! Bora’s “to the circus” was the #1 winner and I just absolutely love her book. In fact many of the top ten were my favorites. These contests are a great way to keep your mind working, so stay-tuned for more entries. Here is the cover and back cover of my Zooby Book. I chose some obvious animal choices to represent each letter, and some “not so common” choices, like a X-ray Tetra fish, and a Yellow-jacket. This babybook fabric is available at Spoonflower, so check it out.

Nouveaux Noel by Wendy Bentley

Hi Friends, 
Here is the launch of my holiday fabric through Spoonflower called Nouveaux Noel. This collection can make great gifts for the holidays. Yes, this cheerful fabric is up FOR SALE and can be ordered through the link above. I made these cute little mix-n-match bags that are the perfect size for a gift like socks, lotion, or other small items. Giving your gift in this little home-made bag makes the gift just a little more thoughtful, right? These bags can also be hung on doorknobs with potpourri adding a nice fresh wintergreen fragrance to the air. I like the tag print for its versatility; cut out the icons for ornaments, tags or grab three Nouveaux Noel prints for a set of tea-towels. Enjoy! 

Winter Wonderland Star Centerpiece

Hi Folks,
The winter wonderland giveaway through Timeless Treasure’s Blog has been extended to Wednesday. I thought I would show a digital concept for a table centerpiece. If you like cool sparkling colors of white and blue snowflakes and swirls for winter enter this contest and you just might win!

Zooby Book Spoonflower Competition

Hello Friends,
Have you heard of Spoonflower? Well, if you haven’t, it is a great place to get your own fabric designs printed. Along with designers selling their fabric, Spoonflower also has fun weekly competitions too. I have entered the Cloth Baby Book competition and would love your votes for Zooby Book by Wendy Bentley. Of course, there are many wonderful options to choose from, so pick your favorite and vote away. After the competition, I will put the Zooby design up for sale. If you sew, or know a sewer, it is a simple book to put together. It would be a cute stocking stuffer wouldn’t it?