Roller Baby Canvas Art

Hi Everyone,
One of my favorite baby/children’s collections has recently been added to canvas art products at Become and InGallery called Roller Baby. The art is very textural, simplistic, but charming. I hope to see this canvas-wrapped art in your children’s room! Send photos!

Flip Floppin Fun Beach Bag

How about making a beach bag with Flip Floppin Fun Fabric from Timeless Treasures this summer? The fabric I made in this collection has a multi-colored umbrellas, beach bag and hat toss print, a ditsy toss flip-flop print, a fun beach grid print along with a complimentary sandy and sky blue wash print. This BIG reversible Beach bag holds for large beach towels and has extra pockets for smaller items. 

Above is the evolution of two bags. They look so different be just deciding how to enclose the bag. The first bag didn’t have an enclosure, so I decided to add grommets. The other bag I did can be used as a back-pack and has two pulls on each side to close it. I learned a lot during the process and would love to see what you creative sewers would make this collection. Happy Summer Sewing!