Pumpkin Doodles

Happy Halloween-Doodles from Chet and Chloe! Has anyone ever seen such a cute and studious bat girl? How about this scary, pirate pumpkin and the happy spider? I love these spooky and charming cast of characters. Happy Halloween, Wendy

Pumpkins at Neltner Farm

Another fun time at Neltner Farm! Over the last two week-ends we have had quite a difference in the weather, but still have had lots of fun at this 120 year old farm in Camp Springs, Kentucky. After taking a horse-drawn carriage, we managed to find some pumpkins that “spoke” to us…”pick me…pick me, I’m your pumpkin.” The kids had a chance to ride miniature horses, go through a corn stock maze, buy a basket of Jonathan Apples and a jar of Claire’s Homemade Strawberry Jam. Raking leaves, carving pumpkins, drinking warm cider, taking nature walks…there is something so nostalgic about this time of season; I hope that Chet and Chloe remember these fun, memorable times.

Face Painting

Halloween is around the corner, but why just celebrate for one day? We picked up a face painting kit called Snazaroo at Michaels and have had a blast painting a variety of faces. The face painting has inspired new characters, like Chet’s creation, Green Boy, the Super Recycler! I like Chloe’s happy Super hero with her yellow face and red hair, but in particular, I like Chloe’s big eyes as cat girl. Who knows what either will be for Halloween on the actual day, but it has been fun so far!