Yummy Potato Soup

Hey Folks,
On those chilly nights, what could be better then sipping on some comforting, creamy potato soup? It is so easy to make and so tasty. Here is how to make it. In a big pot on medium high, stirring occasionally, add these ingredients…

5 Cups of water
3 chicken or vegetable bouillon cubes
5 Cups of chopped Idaho potatoes
2 Cups of chopped carrots
1 Cup of diced onion
1 Cup of celery
2 Cans of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom, Cream of Chicken or Cream of Celery (I prefer Cream of Mushroom)
Reduce heat and add
1 Cup of cubed Velveeta Cheese (optional)
1 Cup of diced mushrooms (optional)
2 Cups chopped cooked turkey or chicken (optional)

Serves about 8 people

Great with Artisan Bread or crackers

CIndy Fix & 8th Day Studio

Hi Friends,
One of my favorite things is learning about other creative people and showing off their wonderful work. I recently found some totally cute dresses made from my Lift Your Spirit collection by Cindy Fix at her Etsy studio called 8th Day Studio. I wrote to her and asked if she could tell me a little bit about her. I just love Cindy’s spirit and her letter gives us a glimpse into her world.

Hi Wendy!

I’d be honored to be mentioned in your blog! I can’t tell you how much I love this fabric — a year ago I made a set of pillowcase dresses like the ones on my Etsy site, for my niece who was expecting twins. One dress had the blue on top and yellow on the bottom; the other was reversed. I made hair bows to match. They were the hit of the baby shower, and she LOVED them! 

As for my creative life…. hmmm…. Mom taught me to sew when I was 8 years old. I was the third of four girls. I figured if I was ever going to get to wear something that wasn’t a hand-me-down twice over, I’d better learn to make my own clothes! And I did. Took a flat pattern design class in high school, and that added a whole new dimension to my sewing career. Majored in fashion design in college, but plans got waylaid by marriage and babies, so I never did finish, but kept sewing and creating nevertheless. Fast forward 25 years — my daughter and I started an online boutique for little girls; I made the clothes, she made the bows — and we had fun with that until SHE started having the babies. Four of them in five years…. no time for bows anymore. So here I am on Etsy, doing what I love best. Bright, colorful fabrics just speak to my heart, and that’s why I was immediately drawn to your fabric, Wendy! 

Thanks for the opportunity to be featured in your blog!

Cindy Fix @ 8th Day Studio

When you have a chance, check out Cindy’s studio…maybe the perfect gift will be found for a loved one in your life. Have a great day!

Tea Party by Wendy Bentley

Introducing the latest collection I have made through Timeless Treasures called Tea Party. A beautiful, sweet tea party is such a wonderful way to spend time with friends whether its formal and elegant or country and quaint. Inspiration develops through research…finding beautiful imagery, taking a trip to a local antique store and considering the artistic style in which this collection would take shape. I look forward to seeing all the beautiful creations.