Winter impression by Chet Bentley

Yes, I know it is technically Spring, but today, it snowed again. One of the beautiful things in nature, is seeing a vibrant, red cardinal sitting on a bare branch against falling snowflakes; Chet captured this perfectly.

Feline Fantasies Kitty Cushion

It’s here! It has been made, Feline Fantasies Kitty Cushion. This cushion was made with a foam interior with an oval cut-out in the top foam layer so Tangee has a cozy cove to get comfy in. The zipper is handy, for washability and I love incorporating all the fabrics from this collection along with a ditzy, filigree print to cover the piping from my fabric stash. Tangee’s tail was wagging when I put him in his new bed, so lets hope he likes it…we’ll see. 

Feline Fantasies by Wendy Bentley

Introducing, Feline Fantasies licensed to Timeless Treasures. I thought it would be fun to show the process in the development of this collection. I started off by painting a Tabby cat inspired by our family pet, Tangee. The sketching process was fun and thinking about what they dreamed of. After getting a “go-ahead” from Timeless Treasures, I painted each cat and the little icons for each one. Creating accent fabrics, multi-colored mice and paw prints were developed to compliment the star toss print. The foam covered cushion with all of these fabrics have not been sewn yet, but I will post it when it is done. Any cat lovers out there? WOuld love to see what you do!