Lang Products by Wendy Bentley

Hi Friends,
I am excited to announce my latest collection, Favorite Things for Lang. This collection is meant to make you smile. It is such a joy receiving comments from friends and fans; just knowing my art has touched someone’s heart is so rewarding.

Today, I will be doing a live chat on facebook/thelangcompany at 2-3:00 CST, if you have any questions. 

Along with the live chat is a short video of my studio chatting about my sun painting and my other collection, Elegance.

And there is more….

I am always interested to know what style speaks to my friends and family. The Elegance collection was created in a very different way from the paintings of Favorite Things. Elegance Collection is nature-inspired, filled with vintage etchings, patterns and sophisticated, collaged motifs with inspirational quotes. 

Part of being an artist, for me, is mixing up artistic techniques which create such completely different results. I hope both are enjoyed!

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Tea Party Clothing

I am thrilled to show the talented work of clothing designer Heather Bentley, Curious Georgia and Chrissi Richards, photographer extraordinaire. What does it take to get to this place where I can make a blog entry about this? Well, I thought it would be fun to explain the process….It starts with designing the fabric, that’s my part, after going to vintage stores and doing much research, I designed a collection called Tea Party, soft gestural illustrations were made of tea pots, tea cups, roses and tasty little desserts. Timeless Treasures and I work together to get the collection just how we want it and then it is manufactured. Almost year later the fabric is delivered to specialty quilt stores and on-line quilt stores to be sold. From there, I asked Heather if she could design some cute little outfits with this fabric. The fabric is sent to her, where her designing and sewing magic happens in her creative studio, Curious Georgia. From there, the outfits were sent to Chrissi where she creates the mood and finds the right accessories to photograph her adorable models in these sweet Tea Party dresses. A collaboration of love and mutual respect. Whew! On to the next collection….