Top 50 Finalists Entries

Hi Friends,
Well, here it is… and everyone can get involved at this point with the second round of the Lilla Rogers Global Talent SearchThe person who gets the most votes from the public will be guaranteed a place in the Final as ‘The People’s Choice’ so family, friends and fans, please vote! The gallery has so many great entries. You will enjoy perusing the gallery and the talent.
The second round of this competition was to create art for a bag at a Farmers’ Market in the Fall. Using handwritten type, recipes and people were all possibilities but in the end, it was up to each artist to design from scratch. Here were two options and sketches along with the final.
Here was my first sketch.
Two young farmers posing in front of their farm. Below the image, I was going to add an apple recipe. It is traditional, symmetrical design, but drawing it in Adobe Illustrator would have made it graphic and clean. I would coin this design…vintage modern.

Here was my second sketch. 
I decided to hand draw this design and colorize it in Adobe Photoshop with hand-painted textures. I consulted a few family and friends who thought this design was a little more dynamic and unexpected than my first option. The final colored version changed from this original sketch adding the Black-eyed Susans and the words as a cuff at the top of the bag.
The final submitted design, I added a handle to contextualize it. I hope you enjoyed a little trip down my creative road. Please vote, Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search.