Find Your Paradise

School is out, fun camps have started and summer vacations are around the corner! Those relaxing days of staring at the ocean are too few and far between, but in those lackadaisical moments it makes you think about finding your little paradise. Here was my creative vision for paradise in my 2017 Favorite Things Calendar licensed to, this 2017 Calendar is still available on Amazon. Breathe in the fresh breeze, soak in the sun, dip your toes in the cool water and just relax.

Shiloh the Schnoodle

On September 29th, Shiloh came into the world with 8 other siblings from parents, Whitney, the Schnauzer and Matrix, the Poodle. The 9th of the Schnoodle litter with her unique Phantom markings, we knew we did not want her tail docked.
Shiloh was henceforth identified as the puppy with the long tail. If anyone decides to get a Schnoodle, consider not having their tail docked. Schnoodles have very cute, feathery, expressive tails! Here she is after 1 month, already her hair lightening up and looking so adorable!
It was so nice of the Windy Hill Kennel family to photograph the pictures as our little pup evolves. Soon we will be bringing her home!

And here is our little fluff ball, Shiloh at 2 1/2 months old, getting used to her new surroundings.  

Shiloh, meaning Gift, loved pouncing around in the leaves and gnawing on the stems of pumpkins!

As I worked on my 2019, yes, I said 2019 Favorite Things calendar for Lang, I thought, I should make a month for Shiloh and our walks. After her first grooming, I took this sweet picture of her which inspired my painting. Shiloh and I take many walks through the neighborhood. We have met many neighbors and pup friends to say hello to. Shiloh believes that everyone is a friend, although she is still working on her social graces. I guess she doesn’t understand that pouncing on another dog, or nibbling on someone’s hand is not what others are want. Luckily, our neighbors and friends are forgiving, because after all, she is still a pup.

Shiloh’s world of peeking through the window from the deck into the kitchen wondering “what is going on in there?” Shiloh, with her best friend, Calvin the Wheaten Terrier and Shiloh making friends with the horses. So curious about these gentle giants.