Several years ago, I came up with an idea to create Door Decorations for each season. I never really found the right contact, but I did inspire my daughter, Chloe. (see further down the page for our creations)

Obviously, this is the Valentine’s Concept putting a little love in the air.

A wintry snowflake is always nice after Christmas.
I like the plaid patterns in the poinsettia. Finally a use for the flat marbles I bought at Michael’s during a mosaic-inspired moment…

Here are the Springy and cheerful flowers Chloe and I did. It is very much a “team effort.” Nothing is done without Chloe’s approval. Often times, she steps back to make sure she likes it before permanently gluing down.
Luckily, I have a huge bag of painted watercolor paper backgrounds and patterns that we create our flowers from with my little Art Director and creator.
I think we have even gotten a little more elaborate, as this is our latest one. 
I hope this puts a little “Spring” in your spirit today. Smiles…Wendy 

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