Hi Friends, I hope something as wonderful as sending out Christmas cards has not become a lost art. It takes a little time to make it happen, but the thought of this gesture during the holidays is so appreciated by your friends and family. I have cards licensed to Lang that I hope you would be proud to send. The classic Partridge in a Pear Tree is a theme I never tire of and I think you will be impressed with texture of the linen card stock and the metallic printed snowflakes. Also available for personalization with a photo and its ON SALE!!
A cheerful duo are just about to have a mistletoe kiss. This Joy to All card was particularly fun to design remembering back to Chloe, my daughter helping me paint the initial concept and making decisions on the ornament colors with me. The pink background will really pop against the other cards that are sent.
And…the same card is also available for your own personalization (there are other options on the Lang site, so visit to see.) I know photos are a popular theme to include, so you get an Artisan card plus your pictures….kinda fun, huh?
How about this Stocking Cap Penguin Note card? It is a petite Christmas note card and you won’t believe the sale price! Maybe this could be the thoughtful card your kids could send out this holiday season?
Lastly, there is Celebrate…for good cheer brings abundance. My mom came up with the sentiment on this card; I love collaborating with my family. 
The nice thing about this particular card is that you have a number of choices in building the personalization on the inside adding your photos and such. Check out the link to see the possible options. 
Happy Holidays, Wendy
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