Introducing, Sail Away Fabric licensed to Timeless Treasures. I decided this week-end to make a fun tote bag with my latest fabric. Spring break is around the corner and wouldn’t it be fun to have a reversible, new tote to take with you?
Here are the simple instructions…
Things you’ll need, sewing machine, tight 1/8″ batting, thread, ruler and scissors and two complimentary fabrics (1/2 yard each.)

Cut 2 pieces of Sailboat fabric (16″wide X 18.75″length) and 2 pieces of Anchor fabric (16″wide X 18.75″length). Optional: Cut the bottom portion (16″ X 6″) so that you can sew the two different fabrics together (image below.)

Your seems are .375″ and should be ironed opened. You have now created the front panels for the outside and the reversible inside. 
Next you will cut 4 (6″ X18″) side panels in the two fabrics (2 of each kind) and sew the sides to the front making sure the printed sides face each other. Then sew the final front piece on.
For the bottom piece. Cut 1 piece of each fabric that are (6.75″ X 16.75″.) 

Then iron the top edge of the bag over .625″ inches.

Your innerlining is complete!
For the front you will cut batting the same size as the fabric so that the bag will be firm and have strength. Along the seem of the two fabrics, sew the batting to the fabric. Optional: If you wanted to do a quilting pattern here, you could.
Next cut batting for the side panels and then then sew the sides to the front. If you have directional fabric, make sure that fabric is facing the same direction. Sew the final front peice to the ends on the other side.
Cut batting for the bottom piece, pin and sew the bottom on all sides.

Fold, pin over the top of the bag (.625″) and sew to finish the edge before putting on the handles.
Choose your canvas handle width. I have a 24″ X 1″ and pinned them 3.5″ in from the side seem.
Pin the handles down from the edge about 1.5″ and sew the ends to both sides.
Finally, place the lining inside the bag wrong sides facing each other. Pin the interior to the exterior and sew them together making sure you’re careful  because this is final, finished seem.
Flip it the other way and enjoy your reversibility. Voila!

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