When Life Gives You Stale Bread


As I was considering breakfast, making something other then pancakes, I pulled out the last 6 pieces of bread, and thought well, how about French Toast? I said to Chloe, you know the  life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” well here’s a new one…”When life gives you stale bread, make french toast.” I hope this will end up on dish towels one day.

Potted Garden

After what was meant to be a “quick trip” to Lowe’s for only grass seed, I came home with an assortment of beautiful flowers, plants, potting soil, rocks and pots to decorate the front porch adorn the front door. Inspired by the colors and textures, I pulled out my watercolors to attempt to recreate these flowers in a carefree way. Before I knew it, I was cutting paper and overdoing it. My daughter, Chloe informed me that she liked the painting in its first stages…I agree. Oh well, you can’t like everything you do artistically. I think back to that day I went to Lowe’s and still love the time spent choosing the assortment, and enjoy the living arrangements of flowers and plants that I created…that still makes me smile.

Find Your Paradise

School is out, fun camps have started and summer vacations are around the corner! Those relaxing days of staring at the ocean are too few and far between, but in those lackadaisical moments it makes you think about finding your little paradise. Here was my creative vision for paradise in my 2017 Favorite Things Calendar licensed to Lang.com, this 2017 Calendar is still available on Amazon. Breathe in the fresh breeze, soak in the sun, dip your toes in the cool water and just relax.


Shiloh the Schnoodle

On September 29th, Shiloh came into the world with 8 other siblings from parents, Whitney, the Schnauzer and Matrix, the Poodle. The 9th of the Schnoodle litter with her unique Phantom markings, we knew we did not want her tail docked.
Shiloh was henceforth identified as the puppy with the long tail. If anyone decides to get a Schnoodle, consider not having their tail docked. Schnoodles have very cute, feathery, expressive tails! Here she is after 1 month, already her hair lightening up and looking so adorable!
It was so nice of the Windy Hill Kennel family to photograph the pictures as our little pup evolves. Soon we will be bringing her home!

And here is our little fluff ball, Shiloh at 2 1/2 months old, getting used to her new surroundings.  

Shiloh, meaning Gift, loved pouncing around in the leaves and gnawing on the stems of pumpkins!

As I worked on my 2019, yes, I said 2019 Favorite Things calendar for Lang, I thought, I should make a month for Shiloh and our walks. After her first grooming, I took this sweet picture of her which inspired my painting. Shiloh and I take many walks through the neighborhood. We have met many neighbors and pup friends to say hello to. Shiloh believes that everyone is a friend, although she is still working on her social graces. I guess she doesn’t understand that pouncing on another dog, or nibbling on someone’s hand is not what others are want. Luckily, our neighbors and friends are forgiving, because after all, she is still a pup.

Shiloh’s world of peeking through the window from the deck into the kitchen wondering “what is going on in there?” Shiloh, with her best friend, Calvin the Wheaten Terrier and Shiloh making friends with the horses. So curious about these gentle giants.

Bella Vita licensed to Divinity Boutique

Introducing, Bella Vita, a customer favorite in Divinity Boutique’s Showroom, these gifts are sure to warm any kitchen. They will be at the Atlanta Americasmart in January in Showroom 1340 Building 2, if you are a store owner interested in having any of these products in your store, please visit Divinity Boutique.

Great Deals at Lang!

Hi Friends, There are some really great sales at Lang.com. I thought I would show a few, but there is much more…including candles, playing cards, Christmas cards and other fun mats. Have a great day!
 Favorite Things Sunny Side Artisan Petite Note Cards $5.00
Sunny Side Decorative Mat $29.99
Favorite Things Blue Butterfly Artisan Acrylic Travel Mug $5.00

Favorite Things Plan-It Plus 2015 $7.50
Good Friends Mat $29.99

Elegance Roses Writing Journal $5.00

Sunflowers 2015 Monthly Planner $5.50
Sunflowers Decorative Door Mat $29.99

March—Elegance Calendar licensed to Lang

Hi Friends,
Spring is here! I thought I would show my March image from my Elegance Calendar. This image is inspired by one of my favorite textile artists, William Morris. I chose daffodils because it reminds me of my dad who loved daffodils, and with the end of winter up sprouts new growth which we can see in Spring season, but also in life. 

THE MEANING & SYMBOLISM OF. narcissus / daffodil. Symbolizing rebirth and new beginnings, the daffodil is virtually synonymous with spring. 

The quote speaks to life as well…”Nothing remains as it was. If you know this, you can begin again, with pure joy in the uprooting.” Enjoy and cherish this day.

Terrarium Study

It has been quite a few months ago that I entered A Global Talent Search contest through Lilla Rogers Art Agency. The assignment was to create a piece of art with the subject being a Terrarium. There were so many wonderful and amazing entries! My first attempt felt a little too realistic, so I made another piece that matched the style I liked better. I added an imaginary giraffe and hippo with one of my favorites…a little, yellow bird. Even though I didn’t make the cut, I tried and pushed myself on a subject matter I never would have painted on my own. Take a moment to enjoy some of the terrariums on I used as inspiration.

Chloe’s Cyclops

Chloe’s picture of a cheerful cyclops has been sitting on my desk giving me a smile. I thought this Friday I would share her talent with everyone. A cyclops skipping across a tight rope…

Ways to celebrate Fall

Chloe came up with her own Halloween Décor Collection for her bedroom, carefully drawing and cutting out each pumpkin with a character to accompany these orange happy faces. My little graphic designer really impressed me with this one.
Chet and Chloe have found our Tulip Tree to be a great place for hanging out and posing and using their imagination.

Chloe has embraced Fall by always wanting to rake and loves loves jumping in the leaves and then rolling around in them afterwards.
Tony’s pumpkin patch yielded the most we’ve ever had (6 total, 1 not present). It was so fun to watch them grow this summer and fall. Aren’t they guordgeous?

My Cheetah children and I had so much fun at Coney Island for the Halloween celebration. We stayed until dark and enjoyed the thrill of the rides and more!

Fall wouldn’t be complete without the annual trip to Neltner’s Farm for a horse carriage ride out to the pumpkin patch, pony rides for the kids, corn maze and apple cider with musical entertainment in the background to boot. This is a tradition that I hope continues for many years to come. Happy Fall everybody!

Welcome Home Candle Gift Contest

I am excited to share this wonderful blog called “Welcome Home” which has its own fantastic facebook following. See all the exciting beautifully photographed foods and wonderfully, tasty recipes. I am fortunate to have my “Welcome Home” candle featured on the site as a gift in a fun contest by the creator, Marty Taylor…


Sculpy Foursomes Magnets by Wendy Bentley

 Sculpy Foursomes by Wendy Bentley

Not too long ago, I decided it was time to go through my stuffed work closet and review old projects. Tucked away in a box all bubble-wrapped were these little foursomes, magnet sculpts. I had done these years ago. I still like their naive, bright colored, youthful charm.

Chet’s Illustrations

When Chet takes a moment to show his artistic talent, I am so impressed.

Here is Chet exploring in the sea inspired by the movie “Journey to the South Pacific” at the Omnimax

Welcome Home Candle manufactured by Lang

I am always excited to see new products developed. Introducing my collaged House artwork on this candle manufactured by Lang. I can just smell the candle burning…apple, clove, orange & juniper berry.
This image can also be found in my Favorite Things calendar produced by Lang. A teacher and friend mentioned she was going to frame some of the art from the calendar for her class room, a great way to continue using the calendar even after the year is over.

Giraffe by Wendy & Chloe Bentley

Upon Chloe’s request: “Mamma, let’s paint something together,” and so we did. All the pieces came together…I had a 12″X24″ inch canvas already painted that had been laying around for years. I often looked at it and wondered what it might become some day. I had a request from Kyle, (Chloe’s big brother) to receive an artsy birthday gift and wondered what would I paint for him? And I had Chloe’s sketches from her art class of giraffes that I loved…wonderful drawings from a six year old, right?! We painted and collaged this piece and then shipped it off to New York City.

Door Décor by Wendy Bentley & Chloe

Several years ago, I came up with an idea to create Door Decorations for each season. I never really found the right contact, but I did inspire my daughter, Chloe. (see further down the page for our creations)

Obviously, this is the Valentine’s Concept putting a little love in the air.

A wintry snowflake is always nice after Christmas.
I like the plaid patterns in the poinsettia. Finally a use for the flat marbles I bought at Michael’s during a mosaic-inspired moment…

Here are the Springy and cheerful flowers Chloe and I did. It is very much a “team effort.” Nothing is done without Chloe’s approval. Often times, she steps back to make sure she likes it before permanently gluing down.
Luckily, I have a huge bag of painted watercolor paper backgrounds and patterns that we create our flowers from with my little Art Director and creator.
I think we have even gotten a little more elaborate, as this is our latest one. 
I hope this puts a little “Spring” in your spirit today. Smiles…Wendy 

Sail Away Fabric Tote Bag by Wendy Bentley

Introducing, Sail Away Fabric licensed to Timeless Treasures. I decided this week-end to make a fun tote bag with my latest fabric. Spring break is around the corner and wouldn’t it be fun to have a reversible, new tote to take with you?
Here are the simple instructions…
Things you’ll need, sewing machine, tight 1/8″ batting, thread, ruler and scissors and two complimentary fabrics (1/2 yard each.)

Cut 2 pieces of Sailboat fabric (16″wide X 18.75″length) and 2 pieces of Anchor fabric (16″wide X 18.75″length). Optional: Cut the bottom portion (16″ X 6″) so that you can sew the two different fabrics together (image below.)

Your seems are .375″ and should be ironed opened. You have now created the front panels for the outside and the reversible inside. 
Next you will cut 4 (6″ X18″) side panels in the two fabrics (2 of each kind) and sew the sides to the front making sure the printed sides face each other. Then sew the final front piece on.
For the bottom piece. Cut 1 piece of each fabric that are (6.75″ X 16.75″.) 

Then iron the top edge of the bag over .625″ inches.

Your innerlining is complete!
For the front you will cut batting the same size as the fabric so that the bag will be firm and have strength. Along the seem of the two fabrics, sew the batting to the fabric. Optional: If you wanted to do a quilting pattern here, you could.
Next cut batting for the side panels and then then sew the sides to the front. If you have directional fabric, make sure that fabric is facing the same direction. Sew the final front peice to the ends on the other side.
Cut batting for the bottom piece, pin and sew the bottom on all sides.

Fold, pin over the top of the bag (.625″) and sew to finish the edge before putting on the handles.
Choose your canvas handle width. I have a 24″ X 1″ and pinned them 3.5″ in from the side seem.
Pin the handles down from the edge about 1.5″ and sew the ends to both sides.
Finally, place the lining inside the bag wrong sides facing each other. Pin the interior to the exterior and sew them together making sure you’re careful  because this is final, finished seem.
Flip it the other way and enjoy your reversibility. Voila!

Give A Hoot by Wendy Bentley

We all should “Give a Hoot” about something in life, right? Well here are some reminders to have around the house. 18X18 Give a Hoot Reversible Pillow can match many homes with its deep charcoal brown background.
Or how about this 18X18 Give a Hoot bag for grocery shopping. I would love to have more than one of these bags for trips to the store.
This happy 50X60 Throw will brighten your day. These unique owls are like a group of friends giving you a smile for the day.  

I like the cheerfulness of this 10X10 embellished pillow. Cute for a girl’s room. 
A happy collection painted and collaged. Did I mention these products were made in USA. Give a Hoot about that!
Have a great day,

Ornaments by The Bentley’s

Chloe’s little cardinal on a nest with the cardinal eggs underneath sitting in a comfy nest.

Chet, Chloe and Charlotte.

Chloe’s snowface, Tony and Me.

Here they all are together on the 2013 Christmas tree.
Hi Friends, I guess a new tradition has developed over the last couple of years. We have turned ornament making into a Christmas tradition. With a little Sculpy purchased at Michael’s and some paint, we made these simple little ornaments for 2013. Here are some simple tips…First work the Sculpy in your hands to make it softer and workable. After creating your ornaments, don’t forget to poke a hole in the top with a paperclip. Bake your creations for 15minutes at 275º, let cool and paint. Add some elastic string so they can be hung on the tree. Don’t forget to “date” your designs. Happy Holidays!

Lang Christmas Cards by Wendy Bentley

Hi Friends, I hope something as wonderful as sending out Christmas cards has not become a lost art. It takes a little time to make it happen, but the thought of this gesture during the holidays is so appreciated by your friends and family. I have cards licensed to Lang that I hope you would be proud to send. The classic Partridge in a Pear Tree is a theme I never tire of and I think you will be impressed with texture of the linen card stock and the metallic printed snowflakes. Also available for personalization with a photo and its ON SALE!!
A cheerful duo are just about to have a mistletoe kiss. This Joy to All card was particularly fun to design remembering back to Chloe, my daughter helping me paint the initial concept and making decisions on the ornament colors with me. The pink background will really pop against the other cards that are sent.
And…the same card is also available for your own personalization (there are other options on the Lang site, so visit to see.) I know photos are a popular theme to include, so you get an Artisan card plus your pictures….kinda fun, huh?
How about this Stocking Cap Penguin Note card? It is a petite Christmas note card and you won’t believe the sale price! Maybe this could be the thoughtful card your kids could send out this holiday season?
Lastly, there is Celebrate…for good cheer brings abundance. My mom came up with the sentiment on this card; I love collaborating with my family. 
The nice thing about this particular card is that you have a number of choices in building the personalization on the inside adding your photos and such. Check out the link to see the possible options. 
Happy Holidays, Wendy